How Will You Become A Better Writer In 2017?

How Will You Become A Better Writer In 2017?

There is no secret pill that will make you a better writer this year, still working on that one 🙂 All jokes aside, the best way to become a great writer in 2017 and beyyyyyyyond (Buzz lighter riff right there) is to practice, practice, practice and not really give a damn about what people think about your writing skills because they are jealous anyway.

Putting your writing out there for public consumption takes some real cajones my friend, so if you are posting content on your website *slow hand clap* on a regular basis, you are doing 90% of the work right there.

writer working

There are a few apps that you can use to make the writing a little easier such as the:

Hemingway app



There are plenty more that you can choose from. Heck if you use WordPress they have a distraction free writing mode that you can use as well!

So go ahead and write until your fingers are numb, just kidding, keep creating, keep writing because it will get easier.

How will you become a better writer this year? What are you writing goals for this year? Leave a comment below!

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